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An exceptional cleaning service begins with professionalism, convenience & overall quality. Your life becomes easier when utilizing the wide range of our specialty services. Your expectations become priority… your satisfaction will follow.

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24 Hr. Post Construction Service

Southern Ontario Coverage

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This is what makes us different:

Being apart of managing the quality control aspect of 4 star corporate housing, has our team on another level of clean. Understanding that each client has different expectations and meeting those requirements, is what makes us great. We owe it to our customers!

Moving Cleaning Service

Genie Clean’s structured training methods create a mind set we all share as a team. This mind set is based on quality first, satisfaction second. Nothing else matters. This is why our flat rate cleaning packages are backed by our guarantee. “The day you cut a corner, is the day you cut your trust and reputation” says Lawrence – Director of Operations.


Before opening our doors for the first time, we had to understand people. Why do people use cleaning services, and why will we be the service people use. Realizing why people do NOT use cleaning services answered all of our questions. ” It takes error to create an imperfect image, so we create our image around perfectly removing errors”. After speaking these words, from that day forward we became who we are today. Take advantage of our Moving Cleaning Service, we are here to help.