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It’s obvious that after every guest has checked out, you’ll need to do some serious cleaning up to prepare for your next booking. What sometimes isn’t so obvious is how much you need to do to get ready for your houseguests.

 The bathroom is a hairy place. (It’s gross; we know.) And you DEFINITELY don’t want it to stay that way! Despite its annoyances, you should be scrubbing down the shower and bathtub between each check-out and check-in. Every. Single. Time. Don’t allow grime to build up in there or give water stains a place to hang out on glass doors and tile walls. Your guests notice these things and even though it may technically be clean, it won’t look that way. Overlooking the small things all add up as a big deal to a paid guest.

Genie Clean’s airbnb cleaners Toronto, can guide you through the steps if it becomes overwhelming. Our team of highly trained team players are accustomed to cleaning 1500 rental suites in one year, while having to meet 4 star standards and client/guest satisfaction. Peak season always adds to the pressure of meeting timelines without taking shortcuts, so hiring a company should be considered to keep your clientele happy. Another tip: as for your cleaning tools, like toilet brushes, mops, buckets, disinfecting sprays and wipes: Try to keep those out of sight but available. Replace them at the first signs of wear.

Some guests don’t spend much time in the kitchen but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t get a good go-over after every check-out. Make sure there’s no residue left on clean dishes that make them look dirty. Be sure to sweep every corner and under the cabinets for runaway Cheerios and other debris. If you’ve got a sink food disposal, consider cleaning it thoroughly. Counter tops should be streak-free and spotless. Cabinet and cupboard doors should be wiped down to remove fingerprints and residual grease. The kitchen can be a big job so be sure every nook and cranny looks like it’s part of a model home.

Bed making is SUPER important because it sets the first impressions for the guest so change the linens and ensure the bed is made nicely. Fluff the pillows and turn down the sheets. Vacuum or sweep every exposed flooring area and do your best to get under the bed. Don’t let any dust bunnies hide down there! Treat the bedroom as if it’s a hotel room, and if you do not know where to start, hire professional airbnb cleaners (such as Genie Clean) that specialize in hotel standard bed making, cleaning and decor arrangement.

Living rooms, dining areas, and any other common spaces, ensure the floor is swept well and that cushions and throw pillows are fluffed and well arranged. Check all light bulbs to see if they’re working properly and change them if they’re out or they flicker. Make sure you’ve dusted your furniture – keep in mind that you should give some attention to table and chair legs and lower shelves and openings, too. Just because it’s not at the very surface doesn’t mean it won’t collect dust!

If you are renting out in the first place to earn extra income, this is also the time you make or break your reputation through online reviews. Cutting corners will also trim down the satisfaction of your guests and you will be known as the “bad host” sooner than you think. Don’t be stuborn to look for help. Genie Clean’s airbnb cleaners Toronto, is fully knowledgeable, fast, and affordable when it comes to your airbnb hosting requirements.