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Deep Cleaning Services

Do you notice yourself getting sick more frequently or less motivated? This may be a result of a dirty home. Not everybody cleans their home regularly… and some people not at all. This can cause a dramatic impact on your health and well being. Our Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services Etobicoke are convenient and reliable at a competitive rate. You can book 2-6 Hour Packages available at our online shop or receive an Instant Online Quote backed¬† by our guarantee. Change your lifestyle, starting with your home.
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Post Construction Cleaning

Are you renovating, or building from the ground up? Genie Clean is that final touch to your project. Our mission is to detail the full picture of what the tenant had imagined of their property. Contractor nightmares are no challenge for us, our team is fully knowledgeable when it comes to emergency cleaning techniques. Beware when using chemicals on surfaces your unsure about. Click here here for our help! Hiring the rite company of several cleaning services will make the difference.
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Airbnb & Hotel Cleaning

When renting out your property to vacationers, corporate travelers, tourists, etc, you need to consider these factors. How should the bed look? How do hotels arrange their towels and decor? Leaving a good impression will keep the people talking, so make sure you plan ahead rather than fly by night. Using your property as a long term investment will take sacrifice. Our team of fully trained hotel experts can assist you in making your rental property a financial success! Receive a Quote Instantly!
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Move In Move Out Cleaning

When moving into a new property it may look clean, but do you know if is? The landlord or previous tenant may have cleaned up, but did they disinfect? You vary well may be moving into other peoples germs that can cause serious illness to you and your family. If proper sanitation requirements are an important factor to you before moving into your new home, do not hesitate to hire professionals. Click for an Instant Quote! Our Residential & Commercial Cleaning Services are available to you.
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